North Ogden hopes residents will pay for fireworks

Oct 8 2012 - 7:10pm


NORTH OGDEN -- City council members hope residents who enjoy the fireworks show will step up and pay for it.

The council agreed to spend $20,000 on fireworks because the fireworks company was offering $4,000 in extra fireworks if they are purchased now.

But the idea is for the city to pay for them out of the general fund, which will be reimbursed with money from a citywide fundraising campaign.

"Last time, I was pretty vocal about getting more community and business involvement," City Councilman Justin Fawson said of somehow raising funds to subsidize the fireworks. "I absolutely loved the fireworks and I don't think we want to go without fireworks."

He feels the fireworks celebration brings the community together and, because of that, he thinks the community would be willing to raise the funds rather than asking for all taxpayers in the city to pay for them.

"I am in favor of being the insurance policy, but we need the community," Fawson added.

City Councilman Brent Taylor agreed, and thinks residents will step forward to donate.

"I think we can raise a significant portion or maybe all," Taylor said.

Fawson didn't lay out any immediate fundraising ideas, but he does plan to call on businesses as well as residents to donate. It was pointed out earlier in the year, when the council voted to pay for the fireworks for last year, that it would take 200 $100 donations to get the fireworks paid for. Many of the people attending that meeting agreed they would make a donation.

Council members agreed that the fireworks celebration was great at Barker Park this past July. Some residents around the park, however, had concerns after the show. City Manager Ron Chandler said those concerns have been addressed.

Anyone wishing to make a donation toward the fireworks is asked to call the city at 801-782-7211.

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